Prva stambena štedionica

Home savings

Higher yield, government incentives and a clear goal because you know exactly what you are saving for

Home savings

If you want to have a more comfortable or nicer home, home savings are a good foundation.

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Special savings opportunities

Home loans

It provides a fixed rate for the intire duration of repayment and can be implemented at any time after the housing savings arrangement.

Interim financing loans

If you need a home loan, and you have just arranged home savings or the savings period has not expired yet, an interim financing loan can be exactly what you are looking for.

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Regular loans

Regular loans are approved upon the expiry of the arranged home savings period, after the conditions for granting the arranged amount are met.

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Green loans

Green living is healthier and better for our planet, and this way of life also includes certain financial savings.

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My goals

How to achieve your goals? Make a plan, divide it into phases and stick to it. Feel free to use our suggestions listed below. We want you to achieve your goals. You can always count on our support!

Customer experience

True story of Ančica and Fran P.

True story of Mirna Č. T. and her happy family